Petit dejeurner chez Jones

Not actually the Jones's buffet! They had more croissants and pains au chocolate...

Typical of me, about to write about healthy eating, whilst watching Hairy Bikers and waiting for British Bake-off to start….

I ADORE food, you couldn’t get to my size without loving food. I need to learn that you can still love food, but you just don’t have to eat as much.

I’ve got to start at portion control. This was apparent on Sunday. I joined the “Big Girls” for the last part of their run (they were doing 10 miles, and I met them for about the last two miles). I have to say I only joined the run when I heard that Liz Jones was offering breakfast, I thought it would be rude not to!

OMG Liz (and Chris) know how to put on a breakfast – what a spread: mini pain au chocolat (is it pains au chocolat? My French is shocking), croissants, toast, fruit compotes (sp – damn you French *shakes fists*), bacon for the meat eaters and beans – also cereal was offered too.

I was eating  with a fair few people I have never eaten with before. I observed that people weren’t really going for it (hands like pistons!), they would take a slice, have one pain au chocolat and possibly at a push have a spoon or three of beans – POUR QUOI??

This was a banquet, a feast worthy of the gods yet there was loads of food left. I muttered this to Liz and we came to the conclusion that is wasn’t them who was weird, it was us!?! It turns out that my portion control is just out of kilter with normal people. I need to get back to that Paul McKenna thing of chewing, savouring every mouthful, actually eating, rather than stuffing my face and not really tasting what I’m consuming.

I’m particularly musing of food tonight as for the first time in a few months I got on the scales. As I suspected, I’ve put on every single pound I lost a few years back, EVERY, SINGLE, POUND. Five and a half stone – that’s 77 pounds (I think).

I know I’m back looking forward to exercising, but I’ve avoided the food issue for long. I know these have to go hand in hand. I have exercised much more control today than usual –  I didn’t have a biscuit at work, even said no to a cheeky bag of Haribo Star Mix, threw away the extra pasta I’d cooked. A few things I should have done: forgot to ask for a skinny latte; probably should have had less pasta, and less cheese on my pasta; should have said no to croutons with my soup, and only had half of the bread – if any; oh and not had that bag of hula hoops…

Must try harder mademoiselle – or should that be madame!

PS exercise-wise, I managed to go to a zumba class last week and this, knocked nearly 2 mins off my previous parkrun time, gone on a mountainous run with Hyde Park Harriers around the scarier parts of Woodhouse – so still am maintaining my exercise mojo. Didn’t Rick’s World of Pain it tonight, as was feeling headachy, sick and woozy all day, as a consequence I am spinning tomorrow as well as doing about a 20 minute interval session on the treadmill 🙂

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4 Responses to Petit dejeurner chez Jones

  1. Lisa P says:

    Your timing as ever lovely Tess is impeccable as I have just walked in the door from my Slimming World Class and you have made me smile, thank you : )
    Having discovered that our journeys back to fitness our following a similar path I am smiling now that I am on that very same journey when it comes to weight loss too – this means that neither of us are alone as we take each step on the path that leads to our goals : )
    Due to a number of reasons I also put on a similar amount of weight over the last couple of years and began my journey back to being me last summer with a goal of 56lbs by my 44th birthday on July 8th.
    I know we can do it and I am looking forward to that time when we reach our goals – the champagne is on ice ready : )
    See you next week at run club, I am off to rest my ankle now so I am fit and ready.

    Take care and see you soon

    Lisa xx

  2. tesshs says:

    You are doing brilliantly Lisa. Have to say as a vegetarian I really liked the SW diet, just can’t bear the classes. Need to dig out my handbook and start doing it again.

    My birthday is in July too (16th), I’m a bit of a one for not setting any targets, I wonder if I should set myself a goal too…

  3. Liz Jones says:

    It’s definitely us, Tess. Since Sunday I’ve been watching people at work, and nobody except me felt the need to have more than one piece of Thornton’s toffee! (Are they mad?)

    A colleague once asked me “is there any food you would refuse for health reasons?” At first, I said no, because I don’t believe there is any food so unhealthy you should NEVER eat it, but then I realised that I make those decisions about a million times a day. When I compare the number of times I thought about having another piece of toffee (literally 20+ during the course of the afternoon) and then about the times I succumbed (about 4), I decided that I do have some control, I just don’t have enough! The difference between me and my colleague was that she only thought about having a piece once (and she gave into it). So I have way more control over my urges than she does – she just doesn’t have urges to control.

    Not sure what I’m going to do with this insight, but I’m hoping it will come in useful

  4. tesshs says:

    So true Liz. It’s all about the control. Most people self-regulate, they will have one piece and that is enough thank you very much. It isn’t for me, it’s tasty and I love it, and it would be rude not to etc….

    Well I have already exercised some moderation today. Val’s lovely daughter has invited us along to an all you can eat carvery later and I have said no (she won’t mind). OK I won’t eat the meat, but I’ll be piling on the roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and cauliflower cheese etc. So I no, I can’t go.

    After I’ve reached one of my goals, possibly done a long run, I’ll go for an all you can eat at Sukkothai in Chapel Allerton – but I must earn this right.

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